17 Jul 2017

Anal Sex Tips From Gwyneth Paltrow

Have you ever felt the need to get down on her down there? But it’s not that easy, right? Despite what they all say. And it’s not that comfortable to talk to your partner about it. If you just wish that she would just open up to you and tell you that she’s game for it…but I doubt it.

Anal Sex Tips

Fortunately for us, there’s surely one babe who is not afraid to discuss such things, and she’s even more than happy to share her tips for all of us! So here they are. Anal sex tips coming from Gwyneth Paltrow herself!

First Tip: Talk, talk, talk!

And here now lies the problem. Remember what I told you about earlier? About how difficult it is to talk to your partner about having anal sex? Well, there really is no other way. Unless you want to risk your relationship just because you’re planning to attempt to stick it in there while she’s not looking!

Gwyneth says, partners who can’t even talk about these things can’t have anal sex. So if you really want to experience this, then you REALLY NEED TO TALK.

Second Tip: Have lots and lots of lube.

Our hottie cannot stress the fact that a woman’s behind doesn’t produce any natural lubricant unlike the vag. So, if you want to make it pleasurable for everyone you need to equip yourself with lots and lots of lube.

Final Tip: Forget everything you’ve seen in porn.

It’s probably the thing that convinced you to do anal sex to begin with, but unfortunately brother, what we see in porn? It’s not the truth, man. All those ramming and pushing like it’s the most pleasurable and easiest thing to do in the world as the lady looks like she’s losing her mind because it just feels soooo good? It’s not real. Sorry to blow your bubble there. Anal sex needs a lot of love, and patience, and trust. And most of all, you can’t just ram it in. Else you really want to hurt her and you don’t want to see her ever again.

Anal sex is not that easy but keeping these tips in mind will set you on the right path. Good luck!