17 Sep 2012

Ana Sofia Henao will be your new favorite hottie

We’ll end this day with another gorgeous Colombian supermodel and super hottie you probably don’t know yet, the adorably hot Ana Sofia Henao, looking absolutely stunning and showing off a while lot of her sexy little body in a new lingerie photoshoot for a company called Bronzini.

Now I don’t know too many things about this bombshell so.. don’t even bother asking me for more details about her. All I found out is that ‘she has been the face for Skechers and a bikini model with substantial desktop downloads’. That sounds pretty great eh? She’s amazing in bikini but, after gawking at these pics like a fool for 15 minutes, I’m gonna say she looks even better in lingerie.

She’s just ridiculously sexy and she’s teasing the camera with a couple of poses that will make you go gaga in seconds. If these pics won’t make you remember her name from now on then I guess nothing will.. Enjoy!