17 Aug 2012

Ana Luiza Freitas is the hottest new babe you’ll see today

Guess what !?? We’ve discovered another gorgeous Brazilian model you’ve probably never heard of, a girl who goes by the name Ana Luiza Freitas and looks exactly as you’d expect from a supermodel from that country… all kinds of hot, especially when she’s wearing nothing but sexy little lingerie.

The best way to get you guys and gals acquainted with Ana Luiza Freitas and her hotness is definitely this massive lingerie photoshoot for a collection called Lepink. The photos are actually a few years old but I’m pretty damn sure that you don’t care about that and this girl still looks this amazing today as well.

She has one hell of a sexy little body and she can easily take your breath away with some of these shots. So, without further ado, I’ll let you guys click on the photos below to see what happens.. Enjoy!