14 Apr 2011

Ana Cunha is new and all kinds of freaking sexy

Alright my peeps, yesterday was a bit shorter on Brosome because we’ve had some issues with our Internet connection but today we’re back in action with a sweetie you’ve probably never heart of. Here’s a new drop dead gorgeous Brazilian model who looks freaking hot in lingerie and swimwear and goes by the name… Ana Cunha. Gosh, even her name seems sexy, right?

Today was just the first time I’ve had the privilege of gushing over this girl’s bodacious curves and, as you’ll probably see from these pics, she’s definitely a treat for our eyes. Here’s Ana Cunha looking absolutely stunning and unleashing her tight little body in this swimwear photoshoot for the new Boston Proper collection, I think.

Now if these pics won’t convince you to remember this girl’s name… then I really don’t know what will. She looks like a rollercoaster of hotness in swimwear and I really hope we’re gonna see more of her in the near future. Oh yeah. Bellissima.