30 Jul 2013

Ana Beatriz Barros is back with a blast

Oh my, I think it’s been ages since we’ve last featured this Brazilian bombshell, Ana Beatriz Barros, and that’s why we’ve decided to surprise you guys this morning with one of her best photoshoots, in sexy lingerie for Passionata . Now I don’t know what she’s been up to lately but she went a little under the radar and I kinda forgot how amazing she is.

Ana has that something special that really makes her stand out from the pack. This babe has a unique sex appeal and a superb body and seeing her in lingerie will surely make your day a lot better. And thanks to these photos I remembered pretty fast that she was one of my favorite supermodels some time ago, and you can clearly see why looking at any of these pics.

This peach looks incredible in lingerie but she can look good probably doing anything and wearing anything as well. That’s something, right? Anyways, I hope we’ll see more new photoshoots with Ana Beatriz Barros in the near future. Time to click on these sexy thumbnails, because these are surely a delight for our eyes. Enjoy!