10 Nov 2014

American Music Awards 2014 — Who’s Taking it All Home?


The 2014 American Music Awards are just around the corner (November 23 to be exact) and since we can’t contain the excitement, we’ve been gathering the latest news, updates and predictions.

The SBD analysts have been busy crunching numbers for the AMAs and it looks like Iggy Azalea has a 2/1 chance  to win the Artist of the Year award with Beyoncé (4/1) and Katy Perry (8/1) not too far behind. Unfortunately, Imagine Dragons can probably say goodbye to the award, considering their odds are at 22/1.

As for who could bag the Single of the Year, it looks like Pharrell Williams won’t be too “Happy” with his 12/1 odds. By the looks of it, Iggy Azalea is about to get all “Fancy” on the other contenders, with hers way up at 2/1.

The odds are still looking good for Iggy for possibly winning the New Artist of the Year award, surpassing Sam Smith and John Legend. Eminem might find himself pretty pissed more than he always is, with his odds at 12/1. That leaves us with Iggy still topping the odds at 2/1 for becoming this year’s Favorite Rap/Hip Hop Artist.

Looks like Iggy Azalea has more than enough reasons to sit back, relax and watch as every trophy is thrown her way on the 23rd. With six nominations and all bets on her side, we think we know who’s bringing it all home.

There are a ton of other predictions laid out and Sports Betting Dime is just making us all the more excited for the show to come.

Katy Perry 3

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While the stakes are high, the anticipation is even higher for the upcoming AMA 2014 performers. The prestigious award show recently announced the star-studded list, including Selena Gomez, 5 Seconds of Summer, Imagine Dragons, Garth Brooks, One Direction, Taylor Swift, Mary J Blige, Lorde and more.

Oh and who could forget about the Sinead O’ Connor fiasco surrounding her desperation to perform in the AMA’s? Looks like her wanting to stand alongside Pope Francis was quite the stretch. Good thing she dropped the act and we can now happily move on to what else in store.

Pitbull is set to host the American Music Awards 2014 once again, after earning a grand slam of 2.93 million total viewers in 2013— the best the AMA’s have ever gotten in four years! We must say, he is quite the entertainer when he’s not too busy barking.

With such a powerhouse show, the AMA’s 2014 promises to outdo itself this time around. For now, we’ll be right here waiting for the next juiciest tidbit!