9 Feb 2012

Amanda Brandao is screaming hot from head to toe

Alright guys, it’s that time of the week once again..  Time to meet a new ridiculously hot Brazilian supermodel who goes by the name Amanda Brandao and will surely take over your minds and dreams with her sexy little body. As you’re about to see from any of these photos .. she’s a supernova of hotness, the type of girl that makes you go speechless in just a matter of seconds!

Here she is looking like the definition of perfection while posing in skimpy lingerie for Wacoal in a couple of mesmerizing shots that will make her your new favorite hottie! Don’t even bother asking me for more info about this peach because I probably know just as much as you do about her right now. She’s a Brazilian supermodel and that.. says it all !

I’m pretty surprised that no one has sent me any emails requesting her until this day.. but better late than never eh? And what a drop dead first impression it is. Can’t wait to see more of her, especially if she makes a habit of showing off her delicious curves in lingerie. So sit back, and prepare to drool over a girl who’s probably going to be your new crush: Amanda Brandao.