12 Jun 2015

AM Hottie: Kiki Willems is Versatility to the Next Level!

Amsterdam native Kiki Willems is the epitome of versatility. Although a lot of fashion brands are now aiming to book models that can pull off many looks, she still has an edge over so many versatile contenders.

One moment she looks as innocent as a girl next door, the next she looks like a Gothic biker chick with the edginess that designers look for. A lot of models nowadays are versatile, but this Dutch beauty has the capability of changing from one look to another and be mistaken as two different people. Her ability to look simply stunning in whatever she pulls off makes her a favorite of many fashion giants such as Saint Laurent.

She’s also no stranger to topless pictorials. If you don’t believe me, then take a look below.

[Via instagram.com/listal.com]