4 Apr 2016

AM Hottie: Jessica Spangler is a Light

There’s just really this air of innocence around Jessica Spangler. We don’t know what it is about her, but she’s just so young and fresh looking. Probably because of how “light” she looks with the blonde hair, the sweet smile, and the alabaster skin. Oh, and yes, she also looks physically very light in the measuring scale sense.

And she’s definitely a really sweet girl, judging from her Instagram feed alone. She started modeling when she was just at the tender age of 14, then started really focusing on her acting career in 2014. So far, her most notable role was in Almost Kings (2010). She also appeared in Travie McCoy’s “Golden” that featured Sia. So far, not bad.

She’s still young, blessed with a beautiful body — she’ll reach for those “spangled” stars of hers. Get it? Yes, very lame.

[VIA way2enjoy.com/listal.com]