13 Feb 2016

AM Hottie: Animal-Loving Jessica Perez

Growing up all over the place (mainly Costa Rica, Honduras, and Ecuador), Jessica Perez really is one hot hot Latina woman with a very fit and tight body that panders to our hearts. And we truly thank her for having appeared on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue a number of times. It’s certainly hard to get enough of her. And aside from that, she’s also done ads for American Eagle, Levi’s, Sephora, and Victoria’s Secret, as well as having done work for some very illustrious magazines, like Cosmopolitan, Elle, Glamour, and Nylon.

But aside from modeling though, she’s also got a psychology degree and works with a rescue and rehabilitation organization for abandoned and neglected dogs. And isn’t that sweet? She’s got a warmth to her and cares about the plight of animals, both of which are very attractive qualities.

Curvy, with the greatest proportions we’ve ever come across, as well as smooth skin, slim waist, and tempting thighs begging to be touched, we hope to see more of this beauty.

[VIA coed.com/pinterest.com]