15 Apr 2015

AM Hottie: Exotic Brand of Sexy, Nayonika Chatterjee

We heard this small chatter about a Naomi Campbell. Okay, she’s pretty famous…So famous, in fact that India decided to have their own version of her, one who is equally as hot.

Having a supermodel career, and a daughter (Yes, we we’re also shocked at this – but don’t worry it’ll sink in) Noyonika Chatterjee is one of India’s prettiest (and sexiest women) and she is today’s AM Hottie.

Noyonika is a ramp model who, as she says, does not work out and that her fitness is genetic. Well, thank you genetics for this gift and continuing the trend of extending gifts – we have Noyonika Chatterjee’s photos below.

[Via worldsexyhottestpictures.blogspot.com/pinterest.com]