6 Apr 2015

AM Hottie: Barbie-doll babe Kathy Schmitz

Blue eyes, blonde hair, and a smokin’ hot body – it’s no wonder 24 year-old barbie-doll, Kathy Schmitz is already married at a young age, well… who wouldn’t secure such a fine win? Well, while we here at brosome are happy for her, we also celebrate her contribution to the… uhm…bro society.

Packing a tight body, and a set of sexy curves to go with it, it’s no wonder that Kathy isn’t afraid to sport bikinis and strike poses simultaneously (and yes we are very thankful for it). We have never been more thankful to the beach for the invention of bikinis and letting us witness such beauties, in barely anything.

Of course we share, scroll down and see what we’re talking about.