27 Apr 2015

AM Hottie: Balkan Babe Irina Djuranovic

The mountains and forests of the Balkans that remain almost untouched completely mirrors the beauty of this next babe.

This hottie is a promising beauty from the breath-taking country of Montenegro. Still a very young age, we can definitely see her potential as model. Her deep brown eyes take you aback, like you’re being reeled in by her intense gaze.

Her tall and slender figure is what makes her a model, but it’s her confidence that makes her hot. Just by looking at her picture, you can already tell she exudes so much confidence. She knows she’s beautiful and so should you.

Take a look at her below and try not to get hypnotized by her piercing stare. I can guarantee you it won’t be easy.

[Via modelsinc.rs/instagram.com]