21 Nov 2017

AM Hottie: All-American Beauty Martha Hunt

We are on a roll with the Victoria’s Secret Angels and it feels like heaven on Earth. With their effortless beauty and their attention grabbing sexy bodies, it was only a matter of time when we are to overdose you, Angel after Angel.

North Carolinian native Martha Hunt is a workaholic, walking over 180 shows all in all. Now that’s what we call the right type of greed. With her delicious tan, toned muscles, and silky blonde hair, she’s one hot babe to look out for in the next Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Her All-American look is what makes her all the more desirable. Once in a while we’re going to have to need some of our own. Take a look below to see more of her.

(via hqcelebrity.org/ranker.com)