4 Sep 2015

AM Hottie: Aline Weber has a Versatile Appeal!

Gisele Bundchen is pretty well known in the world of fashion. Scratch that. She’s at the very top of the modeling food chain that she’s even a household name. Perhaps her roots play a big role in her success.

Blonde babe Aline Weber is German and Brazilian just like Gisele, automatically giving people a reason to compare them. With their superior good looks, you’d really want to see more beauties who have mixed ancestry. However what makes them different is their appeal. Aline Weber can pull of any kind of look. Whether gothic or chic, or natural or sexy, it really doesn’t matter. She looks good either way.

With her stunning good looks, she was bound for our list. Take a look below and see if she’s your cup of tea.

(via listal.com/theplace2.ru)