7 Jul 2015

AM Hottie: Adriana Lima is a Goddess!

This next beauty needs no further explanation. Her name alone demands undivided attention. A supermodel of different proportions, she will be the stuff of many men’s dreams for years to come.

Brazilian stunner Adriana Lima is the epitome of sexy. Her jaw dropping proportions are her best assets and she definitely knows how to flaunt them. In fact, she is such a expert that she’s been with Victoria’s Secret for over a decade. Her seniority in the franchise gave her the respect she definitely deserves, earning her millions of dollars just for walking in nothing but sexy lingerie.

Her presence alone exudes elegance and fierceness at the same time that she’s one of the most sought after models of today. In fact, she appeared in two Superbowl halftime commercials, which has never been done by anyone before. There shouldn’t even by doubts on why you should scroll down. Now.

[Via ranker.com/theplace2.ru]