30 Nov 2011

Alyssa Miller in sexy bikinis is a supernova of hotness

Here’s one of the girls that impressed me the most this year, the lovely Alyssa Miller, looking absolutely stunning and showing off her drop dead sexy curves for the newest collection of swimwear from Ay Yildiz. Umm, I don’t know about you guys, but I’m having a hard time just breathing because of these mind blowing photos and I guess that might happen to you as well.

Hot damn! We’ve already posted tons of photos with this hottie in skimpy lingerie but if there’s one thing hotter than this girl in lingerie, it’s this peach in a pair of sexy bikinis for sure. It was love at first sight when I got to see her in a variety of drool inducing bikinis in this year’s SI swimwear issue and these brand spanking new swimwear photos made me remember those photos as well.

Alyssa Miller does her darndest to show off her incredible hotness every single chance she gets and that’s exactly why we all love her. So, without further ado, enjoy the photos guys and make sure to check out the related articles below for even more awesome photos of this peach.