15 Sep 2011

Alyssa Miller in lingerie will Rock. Your. Freaking. World!

You guys and gals are going to love me for this post… Here’s my uber crush, Alyssa Miller, doing what she probably does best, and that’s showing off her lovely little body in lingerie and looking adorably hot in the process for the newest collection of lingerie from Intimissimi. Wow.

Even though I’ve probably gushed over thousands of hotties in these last years, Alyssa Miller is one of the very few girls that make me weak at the knees every single time and I think she might be my number one secret supermodel crush, ever since I’ve drooled over her stunning photos from SI’s swimwear issue or over her previous pics from Intimissimi.

Now… I don’t have to go on and on about how ridiculously sexy her curves are and about how much I love her eyes and lips, right? Not when there are many photos like these staring back at you and waiting for your full and undivided attention. Enjoy!