21 Oct 2016

Because It’s Almost Halloween: Top Ten Most Terrifying Works Of Art

Warning: if you have any plans of sleeping tonight, you might want to skip this article altogether because the works of art that you are going to see will surely give you the creeps. Let’s start!

10. Francis Bacon – Study After Velasquez’s Portrait Of Innocent X

Let’s give the start of this list a boost with a good scare, and what better way to do it than presenting a shrieking pope forever trapped in time inside a canvas? Thanks Bacon, now I have reason to skip breakfast tomorrow.

9. Edvard Munch – The Death of Marat

We all know Munch for his most popular work, The Scream, which has been spoofed countless of times! This time though, he painted the legendary death of Marat, but what disturbs me the most is the fact that even as Charlotte Corday murdered the man, she’s just standing there. Blank faced. Looking at the viewers of the painting.

8. Gerard David – Judgment Of Cambyses

Honestly, when I first saw this painting in an art history book, I was like. This is actually okay until I noticed…the leg. It’s a Ramsey Bolton nightmare all over again!

7. Matthias Grunewald – The Temptation Of St. Anthony

There are actually a couple of paintings about the temptation of St. Anthony, but the most terrifying version would have to be Grunewald’s, no doubt. The freaky creatures inside the painting say it all, and I’d hate to be in a museum where everything comes to life with THIS painting around.

6. Peter Paul Rubens – Saturn Devouring His Son

Okay,  this particular event in mythology actually has a couple of paintings dedicated to it, but nothing beats a master like Rubens. The painting though, when you think about it, is so wrong in so many ways! First, why are they naked? Second, why does Saturn need to be naked while eating a baby? Why?!

5. Caravaggio – Judith Beheading Holofernes

Judith is actually one of my most favorite biblical babes of all time. She’s beautiful and a total badass. But what terrifies me about this painting a lot is the fact that as the guy shrieks in pain and his blood just spills there in straight red lines, just look at how effortless everything is for Judith…holding her hands that way, as if she’s only picking a flower.

4. Emil Nolde – Mask Still Life III

Thank you Emil for justifying why I easily get freaked out by masks: hockey masks, theater masks, a plain white mask – you name it, I’m freaked out by it. And now, after seeing Emil Nolde’s work, I think I already know why.

3. Theodore Gericault – Heads Severed

What’s with artists and severed heads? Seriously guys, don’t you have anything else to paint? What’s with all the chopped head paintings? What’s more disturbing is the fact that the head on the left doesn’t even have blood dripping from it anymore! Sigh.

2. Francisco Goya – The Disasters of War

Here we go, another Francis. Only this time, this one painted a severed head on a tree branch. At least it’s not shrieking though.

1. William Blake – The Great Red Dragon And The Beast Of The Sea

Nothing beats scary like the big guy from hell himself. His portrayal done by William Blake is by far the one that disturbs me a lot. Multiple heads on top of multiple heads? Hell no. I’ll start living a good and more saintly life from now on. No more staring at terrifying paintings.