16 May 2012

Alina Ilie is going to be your favorite new hottie

Mmm here’s another hottie you probably don’t know yet, coming straight from Romania, meet the adorably hot Alina Ilie, an up and coming supermodel with just the right ‘features’ to make you go gaga. Now before I start drooling over this girl’s hotness, let me just say that I know very little about her right now so.. don’t even bother asking me for more details about this peach.

All I know is that a) she’s ridiculously hot and b) she looks amazing both in skimpy lingerie and in sexy bikinis as well as you’re about to see from the photos below. Here we have Alina Ilie showing off her tight little body for the newest collections of lingerie and summer outfits for a company called Verdissima.

This is just the first time I’ve heard of these guys but props to them for picking this Romanian hottie to model their newest collection. Awesome choice and.. I really hope we’re going to see a lot more of this drop dead sexy cutie in the near future.  Enjoy!