6 Aug 2011

Alice Panikian in sexy lingerie will make you faint

Bulgarian-born Canadian hottie Alice Panikian may not be a name, or a face, that you recognize, but she’s bound to be really popular any moment now and this amazing little photoshoot for La Senza should be reason enough. I don’t have a clue exactly how old these photos are, I just know I’ve drooled like a fool right after I’ve clicked on the first photo with this peach.

I think these are some of the sultriest photos I’ve seen lately and it’s not just because she has a body close to perfection but it’s all because of that mesmerizing look that Alice is giving to the camera. Apparently back in 2006 she was crowned Miss Universe Canada but if she really wants our full and undivided attention, posing in sexy lingerie is exactly what she should do.

Ok, so… that’s all I had to say, I guess. I think I’m going to click on these photos once again right after I’ll publish this article because good god, this peach is a treat for our eyes! Enjoy!