20 Feb 2013

Alena Shishkova shows off her killer curves once again

We’ve started the day with the lovely Russian supermodel Irina Shayk and… we’re going to end it the same way, with another girl from this country, a blonde hottie who’s still relatively unknown, but will probably take over the world in the next years.

Here’s Alena Shishkova looking totally jaw dropping and taking our breath away while posing for the new summer collection of skimpy outfits and lingerie from Nelly.

Gosh.. is she stunning as hell or what !? I’m used to see her looking like the definition of perfection in skimpy lingerie, but today she totally made me go gaga in those sexy dresses. The best way I can describe these shots is by giving you the link to this subreddit, called gentleman boners.

She looks so classy and sexy in the same time, perfect for exquisite gentlemen (like me) who plan to take her out every single night. And after she’s back home… she will melt you into a puddle with her lingerie hotness. Time to drool!