19 Nov 2012

Alena Shishkova is going to be your new favorite hottie

Oh. My. God… I’m pretty sure you’re going to love me (and the guys from Nelly) for this awesome post. Here’s a blond bombshell from Russia who’s probably going to take over the world in the next years with her sexy little curves and mesmerizing hotness, a girl who goes by the name Alena Shishkova.

There’s very little info about this blonde hottie on the web right now, but apparently she turned 20 just a couple of days ago and she came second in Miss Russia 2012 as well. Who cares about second? She’s probably going to be no.1 in your dreams from now on. She’s so drop dead sexy that I don’t even think I can find the right words to describe her..

The guys from Nelly are giving us a ton of reasons to love Alena Shishkova from head to toe thanks to an awesome set of photos with this girl in their hotness amplifying lingerie. If these pics won’t make you remember this girl’s name from now.. I really don’t know what will. Time to drool now!