17 Feb 2010

Alena Savostikova is just what the doctor ordered

Alena Savostikova 1

It’s time to meet another chick you probably never heard of, a stunning blonde full of hotness and energy who’s just 20 years old and ready to rock this world. Her name? Alena Savostikova! It’s hard to spell and remember but I’m pretty sure that after you’ll check out her pics you will keep her in mind forever.

She’s 100% Russian but she moved to US years ago and she decided to follow a career in modeling. She’s a full time model now but her tight body and amazing features should get a lot more attention from us all. I have a feeling that we’ll hear a lot more about this hot beauty in the future and when a magazine decides to feature her on their cover we’ll hear about that and we’ll post that pictorial here.

Until that happens, here are some of the best pictures with Alena Savostikova!