3 Dec 2012

Alena Blohm will make your jaw hit the floor!

Holy freakin’ Batman.. my new uber crush from Germany strikes again !!! Here’s the adorably hot Alena Blohm showing off her very, very, sexy curves in a breathtaking lingerie photoshoot from Nordstorm that will surely make your day. The first time I’ve had the privilege to see a couple of photos of this super hottie I’ve actually started to believe in love at first sight and… I’m sure you’ll understand why by looking at any of these brand spanking new photos.

She just gets hotter, and hotter with every new photoshoot I find with her and when I say hotter, I mean freaking sexier baby! She looks like the definition of perfection from head to toe and from any angle you look at her – uber hot and uber cute in the same time, exactly like the type of girl I’d actually bring home to meet my parents one day.

I would give up McDonalds for a year just to be able to take her out one night but.. until that happens I’ll have to settle for these drool inducing shots and another Big Mac haha. Enjoy and, if you wanna see more Alena Blohm hotness check out our previous articles here.