2 Jul 2012

Alena Blohm has some ridiculously bodacious curves

Now here’s another model most of you guys and gals probably don’t know yet, coming straight from Germany, meet Alena Blohm, a blonde hottie who’s going to rock your world with her groovy little body. If you don’t believe in love at first sight, you probably will after gawking at the following photos!

This girl looks so darn cute (and sexy in the same time) that I even wasted an entire hour for ‘research’. Yeah, I’ve made a quick Google search to find more photos ready to be drooled over and.. I’ve discovered that she’s already a pretty successful model. She’s not posing in lingerie or bikinis too often but when she does that she’s a supernova of hotness!

I’m totally digging this girl and I’m pretty sure you’ll like her a lot as well. Here’s Alena Blohm looking like the definition of ‘super sexy’ in lingerie and swimwear for H&M. Enjoy!