13 Sep 2012

Alena Blohm as a sexy little bride? Yes, please!

Oh dear..  A couple of months ago we’ve discovered the uber sweet German model Alena Blohm and posted a breathtaking lingerie photoshoot from H&M with her, much to everyone’s approval, here. That photoshoot was all kinds of awesome but what you’re about to see today is even better. Better than ‘breathtaking’? Yeah.. that’s possible.

Here’s Alena Blohm showing off her perfect little body and looking adorably hot while doing so in the new bridal lingerie from Figleaves. I don’t know about you guys, but this kind of bridal lingerie is a major turn on for me and when you have a girl like this blonde hottie modeling it, it’s a home run for us guys.

These photos are so freaking sexy that from now on I’m going to say that Alena Blohm will be my future wife. There, I’ve said it. Enjoy the sizzling photos and try not to drool too much ’cause we’re talking about my future wife here, ok ???