23 Feb 2012

Aleksandra Funka is freaking hot, whoever she is…

I don’t remember when was the last time we’ve posted a new girl from Poland in here but today seems like the perfect day to do so, so.. prepare to enter a state of uber bliss. Here’s Polish bombshell Aleksandra Funka making us believe in love at first sight thanks to this wonderful collection of sexy lingerie photos with her.

Don’t even bother asking me for more details about this blonde hottie because I probably know just as much as you do about her right now..  Her measurements are close to perfection, she’s uber hot, she’s Polish, she loves to show off her groovy curves in skimpy lingerie and.. that’s all that matters, right?

I’ve drooled over quite a lot of Polish supermodels in the last year and Aleksandra Funka is definitely one of the sexiest. Heck, the sex appeal she’s unleashing in these photos is practically palpable. You’re probably gushing over the photos already so.. I’m going to stop here and leave you guys enjoy this sweet gallery. Go on..