13 Dec 2011

Alejandra Guilmant is new and.. all kinds of sexy

Alright guys… since the celeb material was pretty average today it’s time to drool over a fresh new face and.. body! Here’s another gorgeous girl you’ve probably never heard of, and up and coming Mexican supermodel who’s about to take over your dreams with her sexy little body.

Say hello to the beautiful Alejandra Guilmant, an 18 year old model born in Mexico who looks pretty damn hot both in lingerie and in sexy bikinis as well for Shopbop. Gosh.. one look at any of these photos and I’m sure you’ll all understand why I’m going to say that I really, really hope she gets popular. And fast.

That’s ’cause a) she has one hell of an uber sexy body and loves to show it off in lingerie or swimwear and b) she’s just 18 which means we’re probably going to hear and see a lot more of her in the near future. Enjoy and.. once again, her name is Alejandra Guilmant.