4 Aug 2011

Alba Carrillo is new and definitely out of your league

Guess what? It’s time to feature another bombshell you’ve probably never heard of, a brand spanking new Spanish model who goes by the name Alba Carrillo. Here she is looking totally drop dead sexy for the new intimate apparel collection (lingerie and other skimpy outfits) from Triumph making us all squirm in our chairs.

Gosh, Is she ridiculously hot or what? She’s so hot that I even googled her name to look for more info and sexy photos with her but… I couldn’t find too many goodies with her on the web yet. I guess she’s just about to take over the world with her amazing little body with measurements close to perfection.

Anyways, if these sizzling photos don’t convince you to remember her name, then nothing will, I guess. I’m going to stop right here and leave you guys gush over Alba Carrillo gorgeous curves. Enjoy!