8 May 2013

Adriana Lima in skimpy lingerie will melt your eyeballs!

Oh my, Adriana Lima is back with a bang! Here’s her latest batch of photos from Victoria’s Secret, with this Brazilian bombshell looking like a supernova of hotness while modeling skimpy little lingerie. Good lord.. if there’s one thing that could easily rev your engines in any day of the year, it’s definitely a brand new lingerie photoshoot with Adriana.

She’s been around for more than 10 years and, even though I’m sure we’ve all seen many many photos of her, we still can’t get enough. I’m starting to think that she’s like a fine wine, better with age. Marko Jarić (her husband in case you don’t know) is probably the luckiest $#$@$@% on the entire planet.

Anyways, I can’t really describe the amount of hotness that oozes from these photos so.. I’m gonna cut this one short and let you guys get straight to the clicking and drooling part. Enjoy!