13 Feb 2012

Adriana Cermanova in a bikini is hotter than you remember

Alright mates, I know you probably don’t like Mondays too much, but I’m pretty sure you’re gonna love this one! I’ve already seen the photoshoots we’re going to post today and they’re all absolutely breathtaking, perfect to cure your case of Mondays, in case you’re “suffering” from that. So let’s get to the good stuff.

Here’s Slovakian supermodel and blonde bombshell Adriana Cermanova showing off every inch of her curviness and hotness in a bunch of sexy bikinis and other skimpy outfits for the newest collection from Nordstorm. I’m gonna stop here for a moment so you could breathe in, breathe out. I bet you didn’t know she had a gorgeous body like that, eh?

I always knew she’s ridiculously hot but all her shoots were too, how could I say it, too fashion-themed, that weren’t getting too much attention. But I’m pretty damn sure you guys and gals are paying attention now and gushing over her perfect body starting.. in 3,2,1.. go!