27 Feb 2017


A Hindu monk is gaining popularity online because his passport contains his birth date marked August 8, 1896.  Of course, we can all understand the hubbub. The guy looks like he just hit 70, and yet, his documents reveal another thing.

According to authorities though, the information comes from a temple register so it’s not exactly one hundred percent reliable, but nevertheless, just in case this dude’s telling the truth, then that makes him the oldest guy on the planet today.

The Secret Behind His Long Life?

When asked the secret behind his long life, this one-hundred twenty year old virgin confessed that the key to longevity is abstinence. If that’s the case, then we can disregard all the researches that point out that sex and masturbation contributes greatly to a man’s well being, and with that, his long life. We can all dismiss that sex actually makes us more happy and less stressed, lowering crucial health risks such as heart ailments and stroke.

Oh well. To those who want to get on board the sexless train, then be my guest. But for me? I guess I would like to stick with sex. No offense my Hindu friend.

Aside from staying a virgin all this time, another secret to longevity that he had shared was his regular practice of yoga. Now, THAT I believe. Yoga is not only a healthy physical exercise, but a soulful one as well. Not to mention that having sex with a yoga practitioner is one of the best sex you’ll ever have in your life. The girl is not only sexy, she’s also flexible as well. A man couldn’t get any happier.

In the end, to have sex or to abstain from it is a personal choice. No one can force you into having sex with other people if you don’t want to. And if someone does, then you might just as well call the police and have that person arrested.