9 May 2013

Rolex watches and superheros

Lets face it, when we’re young and innocent, with no idea what we’d like to contribute to the world when we come of age, the go to profession is something bad ass. Spider man, Superman, firefighter, cop; something where kicking the crap out of bad guys is perfectly acceptable.

This being said, the notion of being an amazing superhero fades over time, but the notion of kicking ass still lingers with us as we “mature”. The only difference between those boyish childhood aspirations and the suppressed need of us as adults to take down bad guys is the need to do it in style.

Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne and James Bond all have their own sense of style when not out fighting crime. The one thing that has stood the test of time, and will always be the measure of just how much class one is perceived with, is the timepiece that he chooses before leaving the house (or bat cave) for the evening. As all men know, no ass-kicking super hero or fighter of crime is ever without his uber attractive leading lady. No man can woo a woman of such beauty, elegance and style, without doing so dressed to the nines and being decked out with the best of the best in terms of accessories.

The Rolex has been, and always will be the greatest symbol for a man to show the world that he has the ultimate refined taste. This classic timepiece has been the one above all to make a statement, just by being looked at. A Rolex watch says more than just gentleman, suave, bad ass; it says attention to detail, wealth and impeccable taste.

Many other timepieces will come and go, many already have. The Rolex has already proven its worth by standing the test of time. Acting like a bad-ass and actually feeling like and portraying one, are two completely different things. So indulge your younger self who dreamed of having the poise and grace of a superhero and wear a Rolex; you really never can go wrong, no matter the occasion. Get ready for the President Day Date.