10 Jan 2012

A lovely little tribute to the wonderful Point of Boob

Wait, what’s a point of boob, you ask? Well… It’s like a POV for boobs, a photo of a pair of juicy boobs taken from as close to the point of view of the owner of the rack as possible. It’s basically what a hottie usually sees when she’s lying down and.. damn, that’s a really, really sexy view.

Apparently Adrianne Curry is responsible for making the female point of boob famous after tweeting a couple of photos of.. what she usually sees when she’s at the beach which is her ridiculously hot body from this awesome angle.

I don’t have a clue why this trend is not too popular right now but… I hope every girl will start taking this kind of photos of herself as soon as possible ’cause let’s face it.. those self-shot pics in the mirror are booring!

[Most pics via COED]