29 Mar 2017

A Guide on What and How to Choose the Right Dress Shoes for You!

Dress shoes have been a staple choice of footwear for men in multiple occasions. Although sneakers and tennis shoes are comfortable to wear, you can’t really wear them at a formal function such as a wedding reception or a job interview. Flip flops are even worse because it shows what kind of person you are if you wear them everywhere. Keep the flip flops and sandals at the beach and sneakers at a casual gathering. If you are attending something that requires one to be proper and presentable, you should always choose dress shoes. For most people, they all look the same. But in actuality, you shouldn’t just choose any dress shoes that you see. Here’s a guide on what and how to choose the right dress shoes for you.

Dress Shoes

Pretty should not hurt.

The popular saying that when something hurts, then it must look good. That only applies to the ladies because they choose to wear high heels. But for us men, we don’t have to- or shouldn’t have to choose shoes that are painful to wear especially for dress shoes. Sure, looking good is one thing, but you should not have to compromise.

Finding the right size and fit is important because it really shoes when you wear it. It will get obvious if you wear something small because of the way you will end up walking. If you have to pay more, so be it. It is a much better investment to pick something a bit more expensive than having your feet hurt the entire time.

Choose the right type of dress shoes.

The are actually different kinds of dress shoes and most people would dismiss them as only one. Don’t make the mistake of wearing boat shoes to a suit and tie event. If you are going to a casual gathering but you still want to look presentable and gentleman-like, then that’s the time you get to wear boat shoes. But if you are going to a board meeting, you should always opt for the formal dress shoes. Although, in some cases, it can be confusing whether one can wear saddle shoes to formal events, as long as it does not clash with your overall outfit, it will be fine.

However, if you want something that can work with any occasion, you are in luck. Penny loafers are pretty much the most flexible out of them all because of it’s design. You can wear them at a formal function and even a casual get together. It is as flexible as it can get.