15 Feb 2016

A Few Snack Alternatives That You Can Munch On!

Snack time is not something easy to avoid. Especially if you need a little bit of an energy booster to get you through the remainder of the day. Snacks aren’t so bad unlike what media is trying to make it seem like. It is okay to snack on something to get your digestion on track. But when do you draw the line between just eating a simple snack to indulging in way too much unhealthy junk. Especially if you are trying to watch your weight, snacks are often misunderstood as something to avoid. Just because they are deemed unhealthy doesn’t mean they really are. Here are a few snack alternatives that you can munch on.

3. Raw Veggies

Have you ever wondered why you see some people snacking on carrots or celery? To you it may seem a bit weird. But to them, it’s a regular snack. They eat it as a snack because it tastes good and it is healthy at the same time. As long as they are munching on something, then they are definitely good to go. If you think that it is too bland to eat them raw, then why not dip them in hummus. Now don’t go choosing just whatever dip. Condiments and dips are just as unhealthy as your butter.

2. Kale Chips

If you just can’t seem to give up the crunchy texture and the sound it makes the moment you take a bite out of any kind of chips, then perhaps you can change it up a bit into something that has the same effect, but different results. Although they are not as appetizing as you might think. just give it a try and you’ll know that it’s not that bad after all. You can either bake them, or cook them to a crisp that you won’t even realize that you’re eating actual vegetables as snacks.

1. Smoothie (Green)

Before you choose any kind of smoothie, thing first on what you put in it. If you think there’s way too much sugar in the ingredients that you are planning on putting on the mixer, then it is for sure going to be unhealthy. Make use of this time to experiment. Add leafy greens such as spinach, flax seed oil, and other kinds of healthy and green ingredients for your smoothie and let it rip. You might find the taste a little too overwhelming at first. After a while however, you get used to it and you will definitely end up liking it because of the results.