22 Aug 2017

A Few Reasons Why Sex Relieves Stress!

Sex is a topic that not a lot of people like to talk about publicly. There are just some things that should be left behind doors. However, just because it is not culturally appropriate to think of sex lightly doesn’t mean it is not a great topic for a meaningful conversation. Although it is not a topic that many people would like to bring up, it is actually a healthy conversation starter for people who are in a close relationships. Who else would you talk to about the amazing sex that you’ve had the past night? It’s not a big deal for some. It can even be stress-relieving for others. With that, here are a few reasons why sex relieves stress.

Sex Relieves Stress

It lowers blood pressure.

In recent studies, it has been proven that people who do participate in sexual activities tend to respond well to stressful situations. When one is in a state of extreme stress, a person’s blood pressure tends to go a bit higher than normal. The studies have shown that those who have had sex react in a more relaxed way during stressful situations such as speaking in front of the crowd. On the other hand, for those who do not have sex have higher blood pressure when exposed to similar stressful situations.

It helps with confidence.

Being shy around others and being pressured to mingle or participate can be stressful for introverts. It can be just as troubling as being forced to speak in front of a crowd. However, a person who engages in sexual activities tend to be more confident about themselves. It may be because they have achieved something that a lot of people want to do. Or perhaps some other reason. Either way, sex boosts one’s self-esteem in certain situations.

It helps stabilize sleep patterns.

Another indication that a person is stressed is their erratic and irregular speech pattern. For those who practically live during the nighttime, it is hard to fall asleep early because they are used to staying up late. Not getting enough sleep can be a cause of stress for most people and it should be addressed properly. One way to do that is by having sexual intercourse. In a more scientific approach, chemicals released during sex and orgasm enables the body to take a rest.

There are many more reasons why sex relieves stress. However, the main reasons are discussed thoroughly above. Having sex is not just for fun or pleasure, it can also reduce stress.