21 Feb 2017

A Few Myths Regarding Masturbation!

Masturbation has always been considered a taboo topic to talk about in society. Little do people know that the act of masturbating happen more often than people realize. A lot of people tend to avoid talking about this topic because it is seen as something lewd and disgusting. But in reality, it is actually quite healthy. But of course that depends on the view of the person. If they don’t do it for religious purposes, then it is understandable. But to the rest of us who don’t have limitations when it comes to our bodies, then we probably think about a lot of things regarding the ac itself, whether they are true or not. Here are a few myths regarding masturbation.

Myths Regarding Masturbation

3. It can fix erectile dysfunction.

Although you are probably still too young to think about having erectile dysfunction, to those who are almost to that part of your life, then be more informed about it. A myth surrounding masturbation is that people think that it will help fix erectile dysfunction. Sorry to burst your bubble but it won’t be much help. If you do happen to have erectile dysfunction, you need to seek professional help and not the help of your right hand. It’s not going to fix it. You are already having difficulty in keeping it up, how will you be able to stimulate it.

2. It can affect fertility.

Come to think of it, it kind of makes sense. If you put two and two together, you’ll realize that it could happen. If a man masturbates multiple times every single day, it’s understandable that the sperm count would dwindle. However, the part that is wrong in this myth is that it’s not a permanent effect. The sperm production does dwindle and it could affect the fertility of the sperm. However, give it a little time and it will recover. If you keep masturbating several times a day, then of course it will affect it. But if you lay low for a bit, it will be just fine.

1. It can help with your growth.

As a teenager, you have probably heard from your friends that masturbating will help you with your growth. Since it was still pretty new in your life, you were curious to the point in actually believing in it. However, there is a completely different explanation as to why there could be a correlation between growing taller and masturbation. Once you masturbate, you get tired and lose energy and because of that, you tend to sleep right after. Sleeping is the one that causes you to grow taller, not masturbating.