18 Jan 2017

A Few Myths about Money-Saving!

Money makes the world go round. Or does it? Once you hit adulthood, you start to realize that money is something that you should cherish. All the hard work that your parents did for you surmounts to where you decide to go in life and without them and their hard-earned money, you wouldn’t even be where you are today. And now that you are out of college and you have bills to pay, money is something that you should take into serious consideration. However, overthinking can also do you harm. Here are a few myths about money-saving.

Money Saving

3. Free shipping saves a lot of money

If you do happen to like shopping online, then shipping is your worst nightmare. Unless of course there is an option of free shipping. But most people think that free shipping is a gift from the heavens because it is free after all. However, we have to realize that there is no such thing as free in this world run by money. Their promos might be good but the moment you compare prices, you will see that you might even be paying more than you should.

2. Compulsive couponing

There’s just something about coupons that make you feel a little good inside. These coupons serve as discounts to whatever is specified in them. It may seem like it’s a cheaper alternative to the actual price of the products, but it may just be a marketing ploy for companies to suck money off of your unsuspecting grip. These discounts may help out a lot but if you use them just because you have them without even needing the specified product in the first place, then of course you will spend a lot more.

1. Emergency funds

If you happen to be a fresh graduate from university, then you are out of luck because the adult life is relentless and unforgiving especially when it comes to money. You’re scavenging for a possible job opening as you decide to begin opening your own bank account. Whatever you can save can possibly be used and therefore you’re not really saving anything at all. Unless you really know how to make investments and save money in a bank account, you will end up spending more than saving. Although some believe that you should save as early as you can, it is still a big risk in the long run when you are spending a lot of money for your bills.