20 Jan 2016

A Few Motivational Tips To Save Money Better in the New Year!

Saving is easier said than done. From your past few New Year’s resolutions, you have probably listed it as one of the top 5 resolutions you’d want to achieve. Well, we have to face the facts that it’s just too hard to stop ourselves from buying things that we don’t necessarily need. We need it in an emotional level but it’s not enough for us to use it as a legit excuse to spend so much on things we want. Whatever the situation is, saving money is something you need to pay attention to especially as a working adult with a lot of bills to pay and a future to prepare for. Here are a few motivational tips to save money better in the New Year.

Save Money Better in the New Year

Take one step at a time.

Indeed it does feel good to be able to save large amounts of money all at once and looking at that number in your bank account. But doing that will almost always end up with you using your card to pay for things after you’ve achieved your supposed target. Get rid of those goals and start saving little by little. Sooner or later you won’t even notice that you’ve saved a lot by the end of the year. Not knowing how much in total you have will help you stop spending too much.

Look ahead. But not too far ahead.

You are probably thinking that this is the most common and typical advice anyone can give when it comes to saving money. Saving for whatever the future holds. But if that is the case, you’ll lose your motivation right away. So many times, we can get away with saying excuses like “I can save up for it some other day”, or maybe even ” I’ll find a better job with better pay in the future anyways”. Thinking ahead is good, but thinking too far ahead and wanting that dream house and that nice retirement in Hawaii is not something you should do if you want to save money.

Write down everything.

I personally find this really helpful because even if I do forget whatever I spent on the previous day, I can still look at it on the spreadsheet or whatever place you listed it and I realize what I should not be spending too much on. I can keep track of my expenditures, whether it be my meals or expensive laundry detergent, or even gasoline on a monthly basis. Having a list of your expenses is a way to keep you motivated when you are trying to start saving up for the New Year.