11 Jul 2017

A Few Key Phrases To Learn When Traveling to the Philippines!

Traveling around world and visiting different countries can be exciting and stressful at the same time. If you already know the local vernacular, then you won’t have a much of a problem in adjusting to the drastic change between this country and your hometown. However, if you do not know the language, it can be difficult to express what you need to say to the locals. Fortunately, there are many ways into learning these languages. Here are a few key phrases to learn when traveling to the Philippines.

foreigners Traveling to the Philippines

“Maraming salamat” (Thank you very much)

This phrase will get you just about anywhere because it is one of the most important phrases one would need to know. As one of the friendliest countries in the world, the Philippines take pride in their hospitality and it would definitely be nice to return the favor even if it’s just a few exchange of words. The effort is already enough for the natives to appreciate.

“Magandang Araw/Gabi” (Good morning/Good evening)

Greetings are important in to the locals and greeting them a good morning or a good evening will set the mood right. Insert this phrase before any question you might have and you will get an honest response right away. Being polite and friendly can get you anywhere, especially if they know that you are not from around.

“Magkano?” (How much?)

Asking how much is something is one of the most used phrases by foreigners. With so many trinkets and souvenirs to buy, it would only be natural to learn how to ask what the price of something is. Whether you are shopping at a mall or buying local products at a stall by the street, asking this simple question while pointing out the product in question will help you get through the trip for the most part.

“Paalam” (Goodbye)

Just as you intend on greeting them hi or hello in the beginning of the conversation, saying goodbye is just as polite. Saying the word “paalam” will let the locals know that you are friendly and that you appreciate all of the help that they have offered and given to you.

“Saan ang…” (Where is…)

Asking questions is essential for a trip to a foreign country. Finding landmarks and places can be difficult, especially if it’s your first time at the place. However, this problem can easily be solved just by asking the locals where a place is using this commonly used phrase.