23 Oct 2017

A Few Ideas for Date Night During Halloween!

Just because the romantic roses of Valentine’s isn’t on season doesn’t mean couples don’t get to enjoy being together during the spooky seasons of Halloween. Roses are red and so is blood so perhaps you can find some kind of connection between the two and come up with cool things to do during the Halloween. For those couple who prefer not to go to Halloween parties, it might be a rather boring night unless you go trick or treating. But of course, one can never run out of ideas when it comes to having a good time with your significant other. Here are a few ideas for date night during Halloween!

halloween date night

Baking Halloween treats

The fun part about Halloween is having to eat delicious, fall-inspired treats and goodies. For those who do love to bake, or at least if your special someone loves to bake, a great way to spend the day is by baking treats together. From pumpkin flavored cupcakes to skull-shaped ginger breads, there are so many possibilities in creating Halloween-style pastries and treats. They can even be great to give out when the trick or treaters come.

Walking through a Maze or a Haunted House

There are so many theme parks that dedicate an entire week of horror and terror. Why not take this opportunity and go to the nearest theme park and enjoy being scared every step of the way. Although there are a lot of mazes and haunted houses now, the typical maze to go through is the corn maze because not knowing what might come out of those tall corn plants can scare the wits out of you. It might even be a great way to show off a bit by protecting your special someone especially if they are scardey cats.

Carving Couple Pumpkins

Now, it is not as cheesy as it sounds. Carving pumpkins is no walk at the park. It requires a lot of time and effort, a lot of concentration and tolerance with fresh vegetables on your hands. Getting the right amount out of the pumpkin for it not to collapse is already a challenge enough. Let alone carving the eyes, the nose, and the mouth. This is a fun activity that you as a couple can do together, especially if you two volunteered to decorate the house to prepare for Halloween night.

Just because it’s not Valentine’s doesn’t mean couples don’t get to enjoy date night during Halloween.