6 Feb 2017

A Few Fashion Don’ts That Men Should Not Be Making!

There have been many times when we have told you about fashion statements that you shouldn’t be making. But just because we have told you time and time again does not mean you won’t be able to make the same mistake. However, there are also those that have not actually been mentioned because they are not necessarily related to what you wear. If you are wondering what we mean by that, then you are just going to have to continue reading because there are a lot to discuss when it comes to men’s fashion. Without further ado, here are a few fashion don’ts that men should not be making.

Short shorts.

Although chinos are getting shorter as time passes by, there just has to be a limit to how short it can go. It’s like we went back in time a few decades ago and short shorts became a thing for men. There’s nothing really wrong about men wearing shorts that fall above the knee. However, it’s not okay when it’s almost halfway up the thighs. You wouldn’t want anyone thinking something else about the clothes that you are wearing. Just stick to the regular chinos that just fall right above the knee and you’ll be fine.

Sandals with socks.

Fashion Don'ts for Men

It’s already bad enough that you are thinking about wearing sandals let alone wearing them with socks. This may have been mentioned previously but people still make the same mistake over and over again. What is it with wearing socks and sandals that make it so popular among the men. Is it because of comfort? Sooner or later you’ll realize that although it is comfortable, it’s actually not comfortable to look at. You wouldn’t want to see your potential significant other while wearing sandals with socks on.

Pattern against pattern.

It may look a decent at first, but the more you look at it the more you are going to think how much of a bad idea it was. Pairing articles of clothing that have contrasting patterns will just give you a massive headache. For example, if you pair a checkered button up with striped shorts, you are definitely gong to turn heads. If you are deciding to wear something that has a bit of a pattern, then make sure it’s just one piece and not both. Wither the top is and the bottom isn’t or the other way around. As long as both aren’t full of patterns.