23 Jan 2017

A Few Crazy Men’s Fashion Trends That Should Have Never Happened!

Men’s fashion over the years have evolved drastically. From baggy pants to skinny jeans to many others, there have surely been a lot of changes. But change always start with experiments and trials and errors. In order for something to work, it should always be tried and tested first. It’s actually the same with fashion. There have been many trends over the years and most work out. On the other hand, there are also those that did not work at all especially in men’s fashion. Here are a few crazy men’s fashion trends that should have never happened.


For the love of fashion, meggings should have never happened. We have come a long way from those huge baggy pants that nobody wants to see to the respectable and comfortable skinny jeans. But meggings is just pushing it. If you were a woman then it would be another story. But it just doesn’t look good at all for a man to wear something so skin-tight. You might as well join ballet if you wanted to wear a leotard. There is nothing wrong with leotards if you are in ballet. But if you are out and about wearing that, it’s not pleasing to the eye.

Penis Cloaks

The most recent “trend” in the fashion world is the controversial “penis cloak” that stole the show during fashion week. It may not be a trend, but since it did make it into fashion week, it’s considered a trend in the fashion industry. This takes skin exposure to the next level and we shouldn’t have passed that at all. Who would want to wear something like that? Fashion nowadays is really all about art and not about clothes at all.


If we are talking about culture and tradition in Scotland, then this would be okay. But if you’re going to wear this outside as a casual outfit, then you might want to rethink your decisions. First of all, skirts are for the ladies. It shows off their sexy legs and we appreciate that. But seeing it on another man just seems so wrong. If the purpose of you wearing a skirt is for everything to hang loose, it would be a disaster.

No matter how many fashion statements people make, some just won’t cut it. If you really want to wear them then it’s your choice. Just don’t expect people to like it.