26 Oct 2011

A drool inducing gallery with Monster Energy Girls

Gosh… I don’t even know what should I write in this article. I’ve already gawked at these photos like a fool in these last minutes and I’m pretty speechless right now. All I know is that I either want to have a Monster Energy Drink or I’d like to “have” one of these girls. Actually, I guess I’d pour an energy drink on some of these girls and then I’d sip it straight from their bodies.

I think energy drink companies are some of the most awesome companies on the planet because they always seem to know how to promote their product and how to impress us all. That’s exactly what guys from Monster did by picking a couple of drop dead gorgeous gals to show up wearing their t-shirt here and there.  I’m sure we’d all try a drink if one of these girls would ask us, right?