4 Jul 2017

A Brief History of American Automobiles!

It is the 4th of July and what better way to celebrate than to remember the rich history that America has had ever since it became an independent state. Few seem to realize that the United States of America is a fairly new country. But despite that, it already has a long history that has affected the world in so many ways. One important part of American history is the rise of the automobiles. Here is a brief history of American automobiles to celebrate the great nation of the United States of America.

History of American Automobiles

With the start of the industrial revolution during the 1890s, mass production in factories gave way to one of the largest automotive industries in the world. The United States became the leading manufacturer of automobiles after the introduction of the assembly line. As a result, this helped make production faster and more efficient. Furthermore, historical figures such as Ransom E. Olds, Thomas B. Jeffrey, and Henry Ford launched successful business ventures in the automotive industry at the turn of century.

The American road system was also revolutionized during the rise of the automotive industry. This was because of the improvement of the roads by The League of of American Wheelman, a non-profit organization. However, business and production started to slow down because of the Great Depression that followed soon after. With so many families getting kicked out of their homes, they couldn’t possibly ride vehicles let alone own them.

When the United States joined the second world war, mass production of automobiles halted. At the time, the war effort was focused more on the production of war materials. Instead of vehicles, factories focused on production of war materials such as guns and tanks. However, because of the increase of demand, more jobs were created. People were able to get out of the depression and then to a more stable economic status. This made people more capable of owning vehicles.

The post-war years got to experience prosperity because of the war. It eventually led to the increase of demand in the automotive industry. Many independent automakers have started to become partners to become a bigger company. This made the industry belong to a select few that produced most of the country’s automobiles.

Fast forward to the present and the automobile industry is as big as ever, if not bigger. With the rise of the middle class, practically every family owns at least one vehicle. Because of this, it has since been a part of American culture to dream about owning a car when they become adults. This really shows that the history of the American automotive industry paved way to the thriving industry that we have today.