21 Sep 2017

The $8000 Promise To Reverse Aging

Call your old relatives because someone has finally found the Fountain of Youth! And oh, hide the young ‘uns because the secret is in their blood. A tech startup claims to be able to harness youth from youth’s blood. The name of this said startup? I never would’ve guessed. It’s Ambrosia LLC.

Reverse Aging

To be a member of this exclusive Twilight club (sorry, I just had to make that pun), you have to be at least 35 years old or older. And of course, you have to be wealthy. After all, a transfusion costs $8000. Details about how exactly they process the blood, the transfusion, the works, have not been shared yet. They also don’t guarantee that your age will really be reversed after the transfusion but according to them, you will be helping the future a great deal for being one of the first human beings to try out the procedure serving as “guinea pigs”.

If you want guarantee, it might help you a bit to know that Silicon Valley investor, Peter Thiel is a backer of the company. It’s still a couple of weeks before Halloween, but hey, there’s nothing less spooky or dystopian than a health article saying that the extremely rich will be harvesting blood of the younger generation (specifically, 25 years or younger) in order to be young forever.

Can you imagine that? A dystopian future where we would need to sell blood in order to survive, and the rich people filling their apocalypse bunks of bags upon bags of fresh blood of the young?! And who knows? Maybe that future is already here. Maybe they are already harvesting young blood without even us knowing?

Nah, I’m just freaking you out. If you do wish to sign up, then you would be joining the first 100 customers who have already signed up. For those who are still interested in reversing their age minus the expense, then we have a lot of fitness articles for you, workouts can create miracles as well, without the spook!