28 Apr 2015

8 Sex Adventures you Must Try Before You Die

Yes, sex feels awesome but sometimes, when it’s done the same way, at the same place, at the same time in the same position, it can get pretty routine. Life is too short to waste it on routine which is why we want to share with you the 8 sex adventures that you should absolutely try before you die.

Sex Adventures

8. Sex on the beach

We don’t care whether it’s daytime or night time, you should absolutely try having sex on the beach. Don’t worry about getting sand in your ass and just focus on how good it feels to give pleasure and be pleasured.

7. Silent sex

This doesn’t sound as exciting as it actually is but hear us out okay? You don’t have to be as cold as a fish while having silent sex. You can do anything you want with each other except for one thing: to make a noise. The sensations will drive the both of you crazy.

6. Sex in the wild

Preferably an area where there aren’t dangerous wild animals within the vicinity. You don’t want to be caught by a bear while you have sex. Think of the trauma the bear will have to go through. Set up your tent at a safe spot and enjoy the sound of nature as you make love.

5. Cybersex

The fact that you only have words to turn each other on make sit more challenging but exciting. It doesn’t matter if it’s with a girlfriend or a stranger, you should try cybersex at least once. Enjoy the anticipation and you can thank technology later.

4. Powerplay

There’s a lot of roles that you can choose from whether it’s boss and secretary, coach and cheerleader, doctor and patient, stripper and tipper. You can play the stripper for a change. Find roles that both of you are comfortable in and pretend that the two of you are totally different people.

3. Massage

Fulfil your nuru massage fantasies and stack up on a lot of oil so you can massage each other and maybe progress to a much more sensual massage. Just make sure you clean up after to avoid getting into slippery accidents.

2. Sensation play

You can get creative with this one as you can use feathers, ice, wax, blindfolds, leather crops or even your hands to enhance your sensations and make your arousal stronger. The pain or heightening of one’s senses is just going to make the sex even steamier.

1. Reading erotica

The slow gradual pace of the sexual tension in the book is going to excite the both of you that you might not even bother finishing it and just get on to the sex act. The best part is, you don’t have to play as coy as those characters in erotica novels. You can go as wild as you want. No judgements.