17 Jul 2015

7 Most Popular Luxury Car Brands in the World

Luxury cars are always going to be at the top of our list when we want to live the wealthy life. It’s too good to be true to be able to drive something so expensive that people would stop and stare at the majesty each of these cars exude. If you happen to have the budget to buy one of these gifts from the heavens, then you’re probably having a hard time to decide which to choose especially if you only have money to buy one. Here are some of the most popular luxury car brands in the world.

7. Maserati

You might be imagining why on Earth Maserati is number 7 on the list when it is a brand well-known worldwide. It may be well-known but that doesn’t mean it’s as popular as the rest. The brand itself is what brings the luxury to the table, but when it comes to sales, it’s not as purchased. Perhaps it’s incredibly steep price plays a factor in this. Either way, it is still one popular luxury brand.

6. Acura

You may have probably noticed the car brand Honda everywhere. You see it at the grocery store parking lot, you see it next door, and you even see it on your own parking garage because maybe you own one. Honda is probably the most popular because it is affordable and it’s a good quality brand. But when it comes to luxury brands, Honda’s luxury car brand Acura is not one to be dismissed.

5. Cadillac

If you’re not a big fan of foreign brands, then why not stick with our own. The Cadillac is one of the oldest luxury brands in America and up to this day, is still operating and pretty much at the top of the game. Although it may not be as popular as the foreign brands, it is still something we should definitely be proud of.

4. Audi

Now that we’ve mentioned foreign brands, it’s time to introduce one of the big three that the Germans are well-known and proud of. Audi may be known for the cars it produces for the championships, but they are also well known for their the luxury cars they put in the market.

3. Lexus

A Honda will always have it’s counterpart, Toyota. but since we’re talking about luxury cars, then you’ve guessed right. We’re definitely talking about it’s luxury brand Lexus. It comes at number three which prevents a German invasion because the next two is made by the Germans as well. If you’re looking for something sophisticated but also not too foreign, then the Lexus may be the product for you.

2. Mercedez-Benz

There is no way you have never seen that iconic sign of the Mercedez-Benz giant. Very little is there for us to say more about this powerhouse and it definitely deserves a spot in the top three. It’s reputation of high class and quality products is why there are so many people willing to pay so much money just for the brand.

1. BMW

Dominating at the top of our list is German powerhouse BMW. Ranging from convertibles to coupes, there is no doubt that the BMW line is one of the most coveted all over the world. If you’re trying to find a car that exudes luxury but at the same time has excellent performance, then BMW is your kind of luxury vehicle.